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Keymacro is a lightweight application that allows you to easily assign keyboard shortcuts to any application in Windows. It automatically activates the keyboard shortcut when a program is run. This makes it possible to run any application without using the mouse.
KEYMACRO contains a log file and it shows the time when each key is pressed and a counter to show how many times the key has been pressed. This is useful for finding which key has been pressed the most often.
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File Descriptors

File Descriptors (FDs) are a core set of operating system functionality on UNIX and Linux. Each FD is named after its purpose. For example, descriptor 0 is the “standard input” descriptor. By opening this file descriptor, we can read information from the user, interact with the terminal, etc.
FD is used to access to a file. The first file descriptor is assigned to stdin, the second file descriptor is assigned to stdout and the third file descriptor is assigned to stderr. Now it is explained in details:
standard input: 0
standard output: 1
standard error: 2

Listing file descriptors

Descriptors are used for various applications in UNIX operating system, including file access, terminal communication, I/O devices, and processes. On Linux, the Linux/Unix philosophy states that all processes should be treated equally, so all processes have a single descriptor for file access and terminal communication.
The command below lists the file descriptors currently in use by the process:
ls -l /proc/$PID/fd

Listing file descriptors

The ls command above lists the file descriptors that are currently in use. The syntax is:
ls [-Ad] [-b] [-F] [-H] [-L] [-r] [-R] [-s] [-S] [-t] [-T] [-u] [-w] [file…]
-l List file names as they are on the filesystem
-a Show all file attributes
-d Do not print file names (default)
-d Show the list of used file descriptors
-F Print file sizes in blocks, KiB, MiB, etc.
-i Ignore file owner and permissions
-H Show hidden files
-L Display the full path name to each file
-r List file descript 384a16bd22

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Krisp is a simple application designed to help you hear better on the phone. With it, you can enable the noise cancelling feature on your microphone as well. All you need to do is to switch your device into Krisp mode and voila!


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